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AMEN! Eva was simply freeing herself from living a life of victimhood; this was her victory over what Mengele did. Simon just listened. He didn't dare kill the Nazi because he would have then been slaughtered right there and then. He was kind to the parents. I was raised as a Roman Catholic but I believe in the Jewish view that certain things are indeed unforgivable. When people spout that blather about how we always have choices and we are always responsible for whatever happens to us, Mengele is the example I raise to refute that simplistic view. While Eva very likely could not really face her trauma, I kind-of sympathize with the other twins who were angry. It's possible that she was unable to be an activist whereas Simon absolutely was an activist. For me, the activist choice seems to be the correct response, but I would need to know a lot more about Eva and why she did not choose activism. It may well have been a protective form of denial to prevent herself from being overwhelmed. I admire Simon--he's one of my heroes--but I feel pity for Eva.

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