Feed Your Head is a forum for people of integrity and goodwill to ponder life’s biggest mysteries, to ask probing and uncomfortable questions, and to be open to novel answers—as counterintuitive as they might sometimes seem. 

But most of all, Feed Your Head, is a joyful celebration of reality itself.

We are a collective of thinkers who have come to the realization that much of modern science and philosophy is deeply in the thrall of materialist thinking at the moment. We are concerned that this worldview has a negative impact on human thriving and may contribute to the current epidemic of anxiety, depression, and addiction that plagues our culture. After all, if we’re nothing more than the interaction of atoms and electrochemical impulses, there’s really not much to get excited over. 

But there is good news—very good. 

We are beginning to hear the stirrings of a new renaissance. There is a growing chorus of credentialed minds who are forging a new path—one that challenges the dominant physicalist paradigm and that confers credible permission to once again take notions of the transcendent seriously. New (and old) avenues are now actively explored, and hints are appearing that show that the idea of an actual spiritual reality is not just not far-fetched but may be the most elegant explanation for life that we have. 

If you have questions and sometimes wonder what this often bizarre and befuddled world is really about, then this platform is for you! We explore science, philosophy, theology, and the arts, and mine them for their transcendent beauty and meaning. 

All opinions and all voices of reason are welcome. 

Advisory Committee

Nate Bergman, DO, MBA

Paul Franks, Ph.D. Yale University

Bruce Greyson, MD, University of Virginia

Ed Kelly, Ph.D. University of Virginia

Jeffrey Kripal, Ph.D. Rice University

Harold Levy, Philanthropist

Monique Levy, CBO, Woebot Health

Jeffrey Long, MD, Founder NDERF

Laleh Quinn, Ph.D. UCSD

Hy Schipper, MD, Ph.D. McGill University

Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes, Ph.D. University of Exeter

Rick Strassman, MD, University of New Mexico

Marjorie Woollacott, Ph.D. University of Oregon

About Adam Jacobs

For the last 25 years, I have been striving to grasp what environmental activist Rachel Petersen calls “Ultimate Reality” — something that feels “conscious, vast, benevolent, eternal, peaceful and furiously important.” It’s been a fantastic journey. 

I was born and raised in New York and have lived in Boston and Jerusalem, where I received my rabbinic ordination. I completed my B.A. in Music from Brandeis University and have a Masters of Jazz Performance from the New England Conservatory. My writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, the Times of Israel, the Algemeiner Journal, and Aish.com. I have a podcast on music and spirituality called The Secret Chord and am the host of a YouTube show on science and theology also called Feed Your Head. I currently reside in New Jersey with my wife, Penina, and five children.

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